A holiday in Samana, Dominican Republic (Second day: 20 Jan 2011)

I woke up early the next morning so I took a short walk around Cayo Laventado. Because I was not familiar with the island I walked to the the public beach first. There I saw a cruise ship passing by. I also tested the water. It was a comfortable feeling. On my way leaving the beach I came across a Gecko. It stood still on the ground pretending to be a dead leaf for about 5 minutes, until I tried to get nearer to it. Directed by a hotel staff member I finally found the so called private beach for hotel guests and saw a coconut tree by a beautiful swimming pool, in which I spent a lot of time during the next few days.
A cruise ship
A clever Gecko
A coconut tree
After breakfast I went to the private beach again to really start my holiday. On the beach I found a hammock and enjoyed my time in it. A little black boy was interested in me and we had a piture together.
Time flies. On my way back to my room I stopped to have a look at the swimming pool again. What a beautiful view.
A beautiful sunset from my balcony:
Below are the pictures of the dinner I had at the night. The hotel has a different food theme every night. Believe or not, tonight theme was oriental cuisine. I tried Sushi, Beijing Style roast duck, spring roll, etc. Last but not least I even used chopsticks.
The Night Entertainment was called M.J. Show. Noisy but really funny. However I was tired and just watched a little.