London in my eyes

I love London and I always tried to find a chance to visit London. Although I have been in the UK for about 15 months I'm still not familiar with London.

This article will record my few times of London experiences. Before I started it I did not know what the records will be. I'm trying to catch up my memories about the beautiful city and record my times with it.

Back to the April 2007. It was my first time to visit the UK. I was very excited when I arrived London. Everything was new and fresh to me. It was a happy moment in my life. Now when I saw the pictures taken at the time I have to say I was a little sad because the happy moment had flown from my life and I can not be as young as before. I miss me of two years ago.
The picture above was taken in front of the heart of the UK, Backingham Palace square. It's the must see site in London. The queen lives there. Its always crowded and you can see people around the world and hear many different languages.
Before I mentioned you can find out it's the famous Great British Museum. There are huge valuable collections from around the world. It was a gorgeous achivement of the country as well as the criminal record of the country. I was in a very conflicted feeling to see the valuable items from my country. It was a little strange. I vitited the China display, Egypt display and American display but I had no motivation to visit the UK's display. Is there any British item inside? I don't know.
I was looking for the reading room where Karl Marx studied there and wrote the famous book called Das Capital. Unfortunately the room was used to prepare the exhibion of Terra Cotta army from Xi'an of China.
The picture below was taken in a corner of the museum. I really enjoyed the visit but I also felt tired. There are too many to see but time is so limited.
The picture below was taken after my trip to London. It was the first paid  bridge I have seen in the UK. It connects London and Kent. When you are on the road you can see beautiful views, but you must pay for it. One trip for a car is £1.5 now. It's so called high way robbery, isn't it?