Melbourne——the hottest January I have had

As I wrote in my last blog post about Adelaide, I enjoyed my stayed so much that I didn’t want to leave. Years later I still think it was one of my best memories in Australia. Anyway, I took a train from Adelaide to Melbourne to continue my journey.

A brief information about Melbourne:

Melbourne is the coastal capital of the southeastern Australian state of Victoria. It was founded by free settlers from UK in 1835 and was declared to be a city by Queen Victoria in 1847. As it’s an immigrant city, you can experience eastern and western cultures there.

What to see in Melbourne:

Museums. Melbourne museum and the Royal Exhibition building are the places to explore city history and culture. The immigration museum and the Chinese museum are the good places to experience the special traditions of different immigrants.

The city of Melbourne is very modern. There are many shops,cafes and restaurants around the area of city centre. 

Melbourne Chinatown is located in the little Bourke street, at the cross area of street Swanston and street Russell. There are a few Chinese restaurants,Chinese markets and gift shops. Near China town there a few pubs in the Corrs lane, including the popular bars Berlin bar and section 8.

St Paul’s Cathedral is the landmark of city Melbourne. It is a gothic style church and free for entry. It’s near the railway station. A tourist centre is nearby, from which you can get a ticket for shuttle bus.

The Royal Botanical garden. It’s huge. It’s a place for locals to meet to have bbq and to do running. You can see over 1200 different plants from Australia and world.

Great  Ocean Road. It’s one of the most beautiful costal roads in the world. It starts from Torquay and ends in Allansford. It’s about 276km long. Many visitors would choose to drive the Great Ocean Road after a visit of Melbourne. As I didn’t have a car, so I chose to join a small tourist group. The tour guide drove a part of the Great Ocean Road. I saw the famous 12 Apostles. If I visited the area again I would like to stay at least three days along the area. During the journey I saw the famous Australian creature Kayola, which was always on the trees.

To me Melbourne’s January is not enjoyable. During my stay every day was a sunny hot day. I felt uncomfortable walking under the sun. I think September and October are better time to visit. Who will to say?