Pevensey Castle

Many people who visited the UK and made a joke about their trips. The conclusion of travelling around the country is seeing 3 C: Church, College and Castle. Behind every joke there is some truth. I do visit a few castles recently.

Today I visited Pevensey Castle that is located in East Sussex, near the costal city Eastbourne.
Pevensey Castle is a little different from the castles I have seen before. It has a huge outside walls where I walked two trips and lost my way to come in the castle. From my experience you can see the castle had very good functions to defence invaders. Luckily at last I found my way and started my castle historical trip.
From the picture above you can see how huge the outside walls were. They were the first protection to protect people inside the castle.
Back to 4th century Pevensey Castle was one of the last and strongest of the Roman Saxon Shore forts-two thirds of whose towered walls still stand-it was the landing place of William the Conqueror’s army in 1066. However little is known about Pevensey in the six and a half centuries between the withdrawal of Roman legions from Britain c410 AD and the Norman landings here in 1066.
After twice searching I finally found the entrance. It was a wooden bridge that connects outside and the gatehouse of Pevensey Castle. There is a little water on the motte you can see and can imagine how deep and wide the motte was.The picture below was taken when I was in the north tower to have a look outside.
I passed through the motte and entered the gatehouse that was made in 1220. From the picture below you can see it's a very old gatehouse and it was not much left.If you look careful you can see the upper part of the gatehouse is the heaven of pigeons. I was surprised to see a  lot of pigeons around the castle. Because of the castle these pigeons look mysterious as well as voilent.
I came in the small house that is next to the gatehouse and showed my membership card of English Heritage. The staff gave me a audio that can guide my trip. Next I felt really sad to hear the stories behind the medieval castle.

The dungeon was the first site i visited it. it was a medieval prison where they had prisons there. they were ordinary civil and military army.the dungen was cold and damp without any window, just a narrow gate that allows sunshine coming. I was a little upset to see that people had been controled inside.  I can say now even animals can have better commodation than they had.