Mysterious and Impressive Tourist site (Stonehenge)

Advantages: You must to see.

Disadvantages: none.

To my understanding Stonehenge is the number one tourist site you must see in this country.

First time I saw it was on my way to Bath. It was an early morning. From a distance I already saw the stones standing there like silent people. It gave me a shock. It's so very mysterious.

Second time I saw it when I on my way to Devon. I spent more than 3 hours to have a look of Stonehenge. It was an impressive trip. I admired it enormously. The tourist electronical guide provided by stonehenge was amazing with many languages to choose. I was glad I got one with my mother language.

Cimpared to my second trip to Stonehenge I think morning is the best time to visit it because you can feel the mysteries most.

If you want to give it a go, I would like to give you two tips. Hope it would be useful to you.

Stonehenge is both the national trust and the English heritage. If you are the member of one of the two organizations, you can get in Stonehenge free, your car parking is free too. Also you don't need waiting on the queue. You just need to show your card then you can get in directly. Economical both in time and money.

Better to go there earlier than later. Stonehenge is very popular. If you go there earlier than most tourists especially group ones you can save your time on the road, and you can avoid crowd when you explore it.

Summary: Stonehenge, the most famous site in this country.