YO! Sushi------Good Japanese food in the UK

Advantages: fresh and healthy,quick and convenient

Disadvantages: it's a little expensive especially the water is cost at £1 per person.

14 Feb was Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day. How to celebrate the two important festivals was a really big issue in my life. It was my ambition to have a special meal so I decided to give Yo! Sushi a go.

Brief information

YO! Sushi was founded in 1997 by Simon Woodroffe, who is a British entrepreneur and one of the original Dragon's on BBC2's Dragon's Den. Compared to most sushi bars you can find in the UK YO! Sushi was a brand new concept in dining that delivered food to customers via a conveyor belt. It has become the most famous and biggest sushi brand in the UK. You can find YO! Sushi in Ireland, Russia, the Middle East and Malaysia as well as the UK. London alone has 21 outlets. To find your nearest branch you can check out their official website www.yosushi.com. I went to one which is located inside a big shopping mall called Bluewater. My review relates only to this specific branch.

It is not difficult to find YO! Sushi among the shops and restaurants inside Bluewater. It's in the open centre of one of the the dining areas and is very noticeable. The long queue at the entrance reminds you of its popularity. Unsurprisingly I had to wait for a while before being seated.
The main feature of Yo! Sushi is the conveyor belt, which runs around the central area. You can sit on stools that are situated along the belt. When the food passes by you can take what you fancy.

The food

The food range is very wide and includes sushi, noodle, soup, salad and desert etc. On the "raw" side you can have sushi, nori rolls, California rolls and fresh made hand rolls, salads and desserts. On the "off-belt" menu you can find cooked hot food such as teriyaki chicken and beef, grilled tuna or deep fried prawns, tempura, various rice and noodle dishes etc.

There are two ways to get your food. One way is to take food from the belt, mainly cold food. The alternative is to order off-belt hot food directly from the waiters. The serving bowls are colour coded and from the colours of the plates you can easily find out the prices. Currently the cheapest one is the green plate (£1.70) and the most expensive one is the silver plate (£5.00). From the menu you can see which dishes you can get on the belt and which you can order to be freshly cooked.

There are water fountains of sparkling or still mineral water along the counter, as well as pots of wasabi and ginger pickle, and a bottle of dark soy sauce. Needless to say napkins, chopsticks and a small dish are also available.

The service

Although it's kind of fast food, you still need to wait to be seated. When you order off-belt food or finish your meal you need to press a red button in front of you to call waiters. However they do work efficiently and you don't have to wait too long to get your orders or your bill. After eating you need to take the bill to the cashier where you pay for the meal. Cash as well as most debit and credit cards are accepted. You don't need to pay tips, however they are welcomed.

My opinion

I quite enjoyed my visit to Yo! Sushi mainly because it's so similar to the Kaitan Sushi I had in Beijing. Yo! Sushi's range of food as well as the taste reminded me so much of Kaitan Sushi. I felt I was back in Beijing and that made me very happy. However I should say it's a little expensive especially the water at £1 per person.

Despite the price I think it is worth trying for the experience of Japanese cooking. The wide variety of food will suit the tastes of most customers no matter what style of cooking you prefer.

Yo! Sushi maintains the reputation of Japanese food as fresh and healthy, plus it is a quick and convenient way to eat.

Summary: it is worth trying for the experience of Japanese cooking.