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Advantages: get paid to read ads.

Disadvantages: not many ads to be read. is a UK based website which provides a range of reward schemes. It mixes paid to click, paid survey, paid email and cash back styles in one.

Sign up

The site is very easy to use and has two classified menus for members and advertisers. To sign up as a member you need to be located in the UK and Ireland. For signing up you need to fill in a registration form that includes your email, username and password, etc. Then you will get paid 25 pence.

How does it work?

As a member you have a few ways below to make money so far.

Paid to click- you have to log in once every 24 hours to click 'paid to click' options and earn 0.25 pence or 0.20 pence per link or banner you click. These ads usually take 10 or 15 seconds and there are about 3 or 4 ads daily.

Paid email-according to your interest archerfish sends paid emails to your email box daily which you better to open as soon as possible. Leave them much longer and some of the email links will expire. Same as paid to click reward, these emails are about 0.25 pence or 0.20 pence per link.

Cash back- similar to other cash back websites you can shop or sign up through the links providing by Archerfish and get some rewards according the offer description.

Paid survey- you can click the link at the left side of the site and be lead to opinion surveys website. Every time you complete a survey you get a chance to be a winner of their prize draw.

You can refer your friends and receive a proportion of their earnings whenever they click on paid links. You can also upgrade your account for a fixed yearly fee then receive continuous random referrals from the site.

How to get paid?

You have five ways to redeem your rewards: PayPal, minimum GBP3; Amazon certificate voucher, minimum GBP5; cheque, minimum GBP10; these redemptions will take 7 days to be claimed. You can also get traffic credits at Jackpot Hits or redeem your earnings for advertising on Archerfish.

Personal experience

Last April in 2009 I came across Archerfish in a review site. To me, getting paid to click and read ad was a new thing. So I decided to join up and see what it was about. Before too long I found it was not as exciting as I thought. The website didn't have many ads to click. In general, my daily earnings were 1p or less. Compared to other cash back sites, its offers were less appealing too. Gradually I lost my ambition on the site. However I didn't cancel my account, so I occasionally visited the site. Sometimes I was told I'm the click winner out of 50 clicks and paid an extra 1 penny. I suppose the site doesn't have many active members, so I was lucky to get the small prize regularly. Anyway, every little helps particularly if it's a prize. So every time I enjoyed receiving the prize winner notification emails. However their paid emails are really annoying to me. Basically they send same paid emails twice daily. So if you clicked them all you would be told you already clicked the ad today and not be paid for the second time. And I have never been lucky to win the Jackpot Hits.

Incidentally almost one year later I found I added up GBP3 and redeemed it to my PayPal account. As promised, this transaction took less than 7 days.

Summary: small fish in a long journey.

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