Not last long from natural black to bitter chocolate

Last December I wondered around a Boots store in London and came across a promotion of Boots Botanics hair dye products for a box of which its original price was £3.79, but if you buy 2 boxes you just needed to pay £7. It was at least £1 less than other big brands’ offers. Although I didn’t know Boots products very well, but for the low price I decided to try one.

What is it?

The one I bought, to give it a full name, is Boots Botanics Permanent 20 Minute Colour. The colour is described as bitter chocolate, as known as dark brown. According to the statements on the package this product will give users a natural-looking and long-lasting colour full of vitality. You just need 20 minutes then get the best colour results.

Inside the box there are a conditioning hair colour tube (45ml), a bottle of developing lotion (45ml), an enriching after colour conditioner (75ml), a pair of plastic gloves and an instruction leaflet on how to use the dye.

How to use it?

Similar with many dye products first you should do sensitivity and strand tests 48 hours before you use Botanics Permanent 20 Minute Colour. If there is no problem then you can apply it full head.

Step 1----preparing the colorant mixture

You need squeeze all the contents of the conditioning hair colour tube into the bottle of developing lotion then shake well for 15 seconds.

Step 2----applying the Hair Colour

Part your hair into sections and apply the Hair Colour evenly through your hair from roots to ends.

Step 3----Developing your colour

Gently message the colour into the hair to give a rich foam then leave to develop for your personal development time up to 20 minutes.

Step 4----rinse and protect

Using warm water, rinse thoroughly until the water runs clear; apply the Enriching After Colour Conditioner into your hair for 3 to 5 minutes then rinse your hair again.

Personal experiences

I had a big hope of using Boots Botanics Permanent 20 Minute Colour because I believed the reputation of Boots brands. However the results were a bit disappointing. First time I left the Hair Colour on my hair about 30 minutes as I thought my black hair might need a little longer than other colours’ hair. After I found it totally didn’t cover the grey and didn’t give me the bitter chocolate colour. My hair did look natural, but black natural. Two months later I tried again and left the Hair colour over 1 hour. Luckily I finally got the bitter chocolate colour and the grey did disappear. I was very happy until two weeks later I found my hair was back to black and grey.

Overall I would not buy Botanics Permanent 20 Minute Colour again. It doesn’t cover grey and doesn’t last.