My latest discovery in Brighton

Last Saturday on 25 September I had a day trip to Brighton. It was an enjoyable experience as I found some interesting things there. Last but not least I had the Chinese food that I missed very much.

First I went to the High Street. My destination was Debenhams where I spent almost two hours, but didn't find anything I really want. Don't get me wrong, Debenhams in Brighton is really good, a lot bigger than the one I went in Bromley. However I want to wait for a big sale during the Christmas season. Below is a glance of the High Street.
When it was the lunch time I went to a Chinese restaurant named Good Friends that was introduced by the staff in a Chinese supermarket. I suppose there is a big popuplation of Chinese, so you can see a few Chinese restaurants along the two sides of the street. It was really difficult to choose which cuisine to have. However I really missed the Hot Pot. I made a decision to try their Hot Pot at Good Friends. Here you can see what the Hot Pot looks like. I had two sauces, one of them was a spicy flavour for me. I ordered beef, lamb, fish egg, shrimp dumplings, Tsing Dao beer and some vegetables. Yummy.. I can't stop eating and I almost finished all I ordered. 
I was really satisfied with the Hot Pot although I must say Good Friends restaurant is just an ordinary one and their food is just on average level. However I didn't have big expectation for Chinese food in the UK. At least I had the food in Hot Pot style. I got 20% off, but still cost about £45 including 10% surchange. By the way the Tsing Dao beer is really pricey. One small bottle is £3 for one glass. You can see from the picture above. Before I left Brighton I returned the Chinese supermarket I mentioned earlier. I bought a few bags instant noodles, two bags pickes and other snack. Then I walked towards the beach. I have been in Brighton Pier a few times before, so this time I didn't come. I walked along the beach for 80 minutes before I arrived the park area of our car. My feet were very sore, almost killed me, but I did have some good views. I also came across a food festival where you can try food from different countries. However I was really full, so I didn't buy anything.
There are many expensive hotels that have beautiful views of English Channel. Beside the King's hotel( you can see in the picture above) I also took pictures of Holiday Inn and Ramanda. Really nice.

Interesting I saw the King's hotel where is queens hotel brighton?? King's hotel Brighton is a famous 5 star hotels in Brighton, so I guess queens hotel Brighton would not be one of cheap hotels in Brighton or one of cheap hotels in Brighton seafront, or bed and breakfast Brighton.

Hotel brighton is really expensive, it's not easy to find cheap hotels Brighton. If your budget is limited  you can consider staying at hotels near Brighton or a bed and breakfast in Brighton. Hove is a better choice to my knowledge. Brighton and Hove are close neighbours. It's very convinent to stay in Hove instead of hotels in brighton, then walk along the beach to Brighton Pier, Brighton seafront, Brighton Shopping Mall Churchill Square and Chinese, Korean and Middle East restaurant, etc.

It's not a big difference to stay in hotels near brighton and hotels in brighton. However it would be a great difference financially.

Anyway ignore these statement above. When I watched along the beach I saw many colourful wooden house, what is it? It is called beach hut. That is used for people to take break or put their staff when they spend time by beach. So they can have some private spaces. However it has stagging price tag----12000 pound. Would you like to have one for the moeny? Maybe.