A holiday in Samana, Dominican Republic (Eighth day: 26 Jan 2011)

Time always flies when you are having fun. It was the eighth day of my holiday in Samana. However it was also the day I should leave. After the breakfast I walked around the island and took some pictures. 

I had a dinner in the seafood restaurant, which has a very nice atmosphere, but the food was not the best.

It's a small bar that provided drinks and snacks. I have had a good time there. I played the dart, learnt Spanish, swam in the sea and a swimming pool nearby.

It's the main building of the island. The room having a blue shower towel was mine.

 Eight days ago I was greeted in the Hall behind the door. Now it's the time to leave.

It's the main entrance of the hotel, Gran Bahia Principe, 5 stars. I should say it's a very friendly holiday hotel. I like it. I thought I would leave it in a couple of hours. However a lady I met came to me and told me my plane has stopped in Bahamas, as some technical fault happen. So I can't fly today. I was really shocked and  worried. Then I was back to the reception hall and saw the representative of Thomson was there. I was told our flight has been cancelled. I maybe fly tomorrow. Does it mean an extra day of holiday. I can't believe it. I was not very pleased, although I know some people were very pleased. However there was nothing I can do, so I just enjoyed the day as much as I could. So I went to a nearby swimming pool to swim. It's interesting to see different part of the hotel and different people.

After a while I left it and was back to the beach. A German couple were surprised at seeing me again as they said goodbye to me last night. Also I was given a fresh coconut for the first time. It really cheered me up. Before I thought there was no coconut in the area.

What else I can do? I saw a small shop selling sun hat. After trying different colours I bought one. However at the moment I can't remember the colour of my hat and where it is. Really funny. After looking through my pictures I found it's a black one.

After lunch I continued my swimming and fed fish with a loaf of bread for the first time. These fish were very clever. They smelled the food or saw the food immediately. I felt them around my legs. It was a really exciting experience.

After dinner there was a show named The Lion King. It was acted by local actors, the hotel staffs and some kids on holiday. They used the pre-recorded tracks. It's very entertaining in my opinion. I love it.

After the show I also had a chat with a gay couple, who were in our whale watching ship. As I can remember it was the first time I have had a real talk with gay people. It was really impressive. 

Eighth day was a long day, but it's not a boring day. Finally I started to appreciate it as a bonus day.


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