A holiday in Samana, Dominican Republic (Ninth day: 27 Jan 2011)

At the ninth day there was no more bonus. Time to go home. I tried to take more pictures to remember my nine days in Samana.

The pianist was a main actor in last night's show The Lion King.

Another view of the pier. It's the first step for us to arrive the island.

A beautiful painting. I thought it's a chinese flower. However I don't know its name in English.

Me with my new hat.

Last look at my room

A cruise ship just passed. My original idea for my birthday was a cruise holiday. However for visa reasons I couldn't do it. Luckily two years later I finally made my cruise dream come true. On 22 Feb 2013 I will be off to Canarian Islands for 8 days cruise trip. I'm really looking forward to it.

Below are pictures taken at Samana International Airpor. For more details about the airport please visit my article: Review of Samana International Airport: The Gateway to a Traveller's Paradise


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