A Quick Visit a Historical Church In Rye: St Mary's Church

On 10th September 2013 I visited a historical town named Rye in south east of England. The highlight of the visit was St Mary's Church.

Brief information about Rye and St Mary's Church:

Rye is an ancient town in East Sussex, England. In medieval times Rye was a very important settlement. Its historical roots made it a popular tourist destination. St Mary's Church is one you must see when you visit Rye.

St Mary's Church has an over 900 year history and is dedicated to St Mary the Virgin. Dominating the hill on which the old town of Rye locates, St Mary's Church has been the most recognisable sight of Rye.

What to see in St Mary's Church:

For tourist the visit of the building starts from the North Transept.

(1) The Clare Chapel

Entering the entrance and turning to the left through the 14th century carved screen you walk in the Clare Chapel. There are two original Quarter Boys in golden colour standing in the first window. The grave of Allen Grebell can be seen in the Clare Chapel. Inside there is a doorway into the Chancel.

(2) The Chancel

The Chancel has two Norman Aumbries behind the High Altar. They are some of the oldest parts of the church. There is a 1901 Organ nearby too.

(3) The Crossing

In the Crossing you can see an 18ft long pendulum of the clock which dates from 1810. The clock itself dates from 1561-2 and is one of the oldest working church tower clocks in UK.

(4) The Nave

The Nave has two beautiful windows in the west and south. They were donated by E.F Benson in memory of his parents and brother. In the south end of the Nave you can see some of the stonework were damaged by the fire in 1377, when the French raided Rye and set fire to the town and the Church.

Opening times and prices:

St Mary's Church is open daily from 9am-6pm (4pm in winter) for sightseeing. The tower is also open daily and can be climbed, for a charge, to see the clock mechanism, the bells and a wonderful view of Rye and the surrounding countryside. St Mary's Church has regular services too.


I really enjoyed my visit of St Mary's Church. It helped me know more history about the old town of Rye. I also felt the peace of Christian religion fulfilled in the church.

In Rye I'm in front of an old house with a funny name: The House Opposite!