My First Thomson Majesy Cruise Experience

On January 2011 I had a Thomson all inclusive holiday in Dominican Republic. It was a great experience for my birthday. This year on 2013 for my birthday I decided to try a Thomson cruise holiday around the Canarian islands including Agadir in Morroco.

Brief information about Thomson and Thomson Majesty:

Thomson UK is a UK based travel operator selling holidays around the world. It’s head quartered in Luton, England and is now taking more of its business to the web but still hold a big stake in the high street. Thomson Holidays was originally named Thomson Tour Operations and founded as part of the Thomson Travel Group in 1965. In 1997 it renamed as the current name.

Thomson Majesty is a cruise ship owned by Louis Cruise and is operated by Thomson Cruises. The ship made her maiden voyage in 1992. It only has 9 decks accessible to passengers and can accommodate about 1500 people.

Thomson Majesty Canarian Flavours itinerary:

My Thomson Majesty Canarian Flavours holiday started from London Gatwick airport. After 4 and half hour flying I arrived Tenerife, Spain. The cruise itinerary was Santa Cruz, Las Palmas, Santa Cruz De La Palma, Funchal, ship at sea, Agadir, Arrecife, and Santa Cruz.

My opinions:

The flight times was not long. I think 4 and half hour flight is reasonable for a 7 nights holiday.

Travel to and boarding the Ship didn't take too long. From Tenerife South airport, the coach took about 1 hour to arrive the harbour, where Thomson Majesty was waiting there. After face photo taking I shortly finished the check in.

My cabin was a deck six inside cabin. It was a fairly small room and could have slept two. There is a good sized dressing table with a mirror. There was no window. However the mirror made you feel the room bigger.

The entertainment on the ships varied.There were two shows every night. You can also dance and sing songs on a small show lounge. During my holiday I had participated in a dance class. It was a very enjoyable experience. There were two very small swimming pool on the deck 10. I thought I can swim during my holiday, but the pools were two small. It's a kind of joke.

Before I started my cruise journey I had booked my excursions for every ports we stopped. There were two or three choices for every port. Every excursion lasted about 4 or 5 hours.Generally speaking I was satisfied with the arrangement. I have seen 4 different volcanoes, which have very fantastic views. However I didn't like the last excursion, which was an ancient market in Morroco. The journey on the road was too long. The ship stoped in the port of Agadir, Morroco, but the market was very far from there. The walking around in the market was too boring. There were many fake branded products to sell. Anyway it was a part of real life of the country.

Last but not least, it's about the food on the board. There were several bars and three restaurants. You were free to choose where to eat. Breakfast and lunch were buffet. Dinner was buffet in the bars and a la carte in the restaurants. I chose the a la carte dinner twice, but I was very upset. The food was not nice and the service was too slow. There were choices in the bars. However I didn't think they were tasty. I felt the food was bought from some low cost supermarket or just made from a frozen ready meal. To me the food was so bad, I had to buy some snacks from my excursions journey or ate more apples when I was on the board.

All in all I was not satisfied with my Thomson Majesty Canarian Flavours cruise holiday. I don't think I will choose Thomson cruise products anymore.