Top Things To See in Penang

From 7 December to 13 December in 2013 I was staying in Penang, Malaysia, which was the first stop of my travel in this country. From the railway station of Butterworth I left the train No 35 and I took a ferry to arrive the jetty of Penang Island.
Brief information about Penang:
The name “Penang” comes from the modern Malay name “Pulau Pinang” and it may refer to either to the island of Penang or the state of Penang. The capital of the Penang state is called George Town, the inner city of which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This article is about my experience in Penang Island, which is located on the Northwest coast of Malaysian Peninsula by the Strait of Malacca.
Things to see and do in Penang:

(1) Kek Lok Si Temple

The Kek Lok Si Temple is the largest Buddhist temple in South-East Asia. It began construction in 1890 and houses a 7-storey handcrafted “Pagoda of ten thousand Buddhas” and a 30.2m bronze Kuan Yin Statue.

(2) Penang Hill

Penang Hill is about 830m above sea level. There are two ways of getting to the top: hiking or travelling in a funicular train. At the summit, you can have a panoramic view of the city and also can visit a flower garden, a mini bird park and an owl museum, etc.

(3) Floating Mosque

The Floating Mosque is Malaysia's first floating mosque at the sea. It features a blend of local and Middle Eastern architecture with a seven-storey minaret.

Tip: Kek Lok Si Temple, Penang Hill and Floating Mosque are near to each other. The ideal visit order is Kek Lok Si Temple first, then Penang Hill and Floating Mosque and having dinner at Strait Quay nearby.

(4) St George's Church

St George's Church was built between 1817 and 1818. It's said to be the oldest Anglican church in Southeast Asia.

(5) Goddess of Mercy Temple

Goddess of Mercy Temple is dedicated to Kuan Yin, the Goddess of Mercy. The first foundation was laid in 1728 by Chinese settlers and completed in 1800.

(6) Teochew Temple

The Teochew Temple is a prime example of Teochew architecture. The temple was built in 1855 and moved into its present site in 1870. in 2006, the temple received the Award of the Merit UNESCO Asia-Pacific for Culture Heritage Conservation.

(7) Clan Jetties

The Clan Jetties are located along the Weld Quay. They were built during the 19th century over the sea on stilts and are connected by wooden walkways. They were and still are home to families of traders, fishermen and dock workers.

Tip: You can take free shuttle bus to visit St George's Church, Goddess of Mercy Temple, Teochew Temple and Clan Jetties. From the Tanjong City Marina, also known as the Church Street Pier, you can see the famous Penang Bridge, which is the main link between Penang Island and the mainland of Peninsular Malaysia.