Adelaide——-A hidden gem in southern Australia

Adelaide——-A hidden gem in Southern Australia 

A few years ago, I visited Adelaide twice. Once was taken on train from Perth to Adelaide, the second once was taken on train from Sydney to Adelaide, on my way to    
Alice spring.

Brief information about Adelaide:

Adelaide is the capital city of the state of South Australia. It was founded in 1836 and now is the fifth biggest city in the country. It’s also the cross point for two important Australian railway systems.

Because it was set as a British province it is very much influenced by British culture. When time passed by, more European immigrants, especially German, stopped around the area of Adelaide. There is a town or village called Hahndorf on the hill of Adelaide, which is very much like in a German town.

What do see in Adelaide and nearby:

Adelaide central market is one of the biggest undercover produce markets in Australia. It’s open from Tuesday to Saturday with over one million visitors each month. It’s located in the heart of Adelaide, from which you could walk to visit Parliament, museums and libraries of north terrace, and the university of Adelaide.

You can take a tram for 25 minuets or rent a car to visit Glenelg beach, which sits in Holdfast bay and is a sandy beach. You can visit the town to explore the food and history, you can also swim with dolphins, not to mention walking along on the sandy beach.

The famous kangaroo Island is one of the world’s great nature destinations, in which you could see Australian sea lions and Koalas in there natural space. The island is bigger than most visitors thought and more diverse.

I really enjoyed my stay in Adelaide. It’s beauty and elegance surprised me. I would like to live there for a while when I have the chance.